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Aunt Used Me For Desires

Hi I am Shankar, ma aunties name is Vanitha. she has big boobs and a big ass, I always use to wait to see her beautiful thoppul(navel) and her cleavage whenever she exhibits it without her knowledge. I always use to think of her and masturbate and I even use to sniff her used panties in her absence.
I have noticed many times her panties lying around her room it would be very wet often, and of course it’s her moothiram (pee). I use to lick her panty in the area where her pussy and shit hole rests…and I also use to rub my sunni(penis) with her wet panties, I have also cummed on it..I do this whenever she is not there around, Once when I was sniffing her moothira jutti (wet panty),thinking that she was not around but she suddenly came out from her toilet which I really din expect. I have panties near my nose and penis on my hands, I was shocked and so did she..

Me: ufff I’m sorry I am she turned other side and abused me in some filthy languages, I was stunned to hear those…she then turned back ma side and…

Aunt: how dare u still exhibit your ugly sunni (penis) to me, I then quickly took my penis and put it into my trousers and hided her panties which I had.

Aunt: why are u hiding it when I clearly saw its my alukku jutti, right? I was shocked by the way she used the language, she came near me plucked her panties.

Aunt: so your sniffing my panty. so how do u like it, how does my onnuku (pee) taste like, I couldn’t believe what she was talking, but i was slowly out of tensed mood and started enjoying

Me: hmmm hmm

Aunt: since its a pretty old panty all of my moothiram(pee) would have dried
why don’t you try this one she unexpectedly removed the panty which she was wearing and throw it on my face, I was surprised and thought that she was inviting me for sex and I placed my hand on her boobs but she slapped me for that and…

Aunt: u ass hole, do what I said…now sniff my wet panties, I started to do what she said.

Aunt: now how is it, is it really wet? how is my moothiram, I kept quite

Aunt: come on answer me u bastard

Me: yeah it’s good

Aunt: oh really, u like the taste of my pee

Me: yea I do,

Aunt: then why don’t u drink some

She took back her panties back and made me stand on knees and lifted up her saree and started peeing. I do have fantasies for such things, so I enjoyed it. I really couldn’t see her pussy because she immediately started to pee on my face…once she was done with it

Aunt: so how did u like it

Me: wow it tastes better than honey

Aunt: ha ha…oh i c

Me: aunty I always liked u, I really want to fuck u hard

Aunt: how dare u say that to me u bastard, u going to be dead now, I’m going to call everybody and reveal what u were doing with my moothira jutti(wet panties) I almost cried and begged her not to do that,

Me: I will do anything that you say

Aunt: hmm ok, now listen I would never allow u to fuck me as my husband satisfies me on the bed, but I have some strange and really dirty desires which i could not do it with him. I happily said ok

Aunt: good..

Aunt: now lick my kundi ottai(ass hole) she lifted up her saree and showed her big kundi(ass) to me. i licked it like a dog for minutes together. she was moaning in some filthy language

Aunt: ya ya lick my shit hole…lick it like a dog, take a shit out of it my son take my shit out of my shit hole.

To my surprise she suddenly dragged me to her toilet and started shitting. I was really enjoying the scene she pulled my head and made me closely watch the shit coming out from her hole, even few drops splashed on my face when she released her shit down once she was completely done with it she stood up and

Aunt: hey u servant, now cleanly wash the shit out of my hole thankfully, she dint ask me to clean it by my mouth. I did put my fingers on her ass hole and cleaned it

Aunt: your now my permanent shit hole cleaner

Me: I smiled at her.

Aunt: now come fuck my ass hole

Me: u said u will never allow me to fuck you

Aunt: you son of a bitch, do what I say, I then inserted my dick inside her back side hole and started to pump heavily…

Aunt: ya ya…nalla kundi adida (fuck my ass hole) my son.

Me: sari Vanitha chithi(ok aunty)

Aunt: don’t call me vanitha chithi(aunty), call me thevidiya munda(prostitute)

Me: ya dodge it vanitha thevidiya munda(prostitute)

I did fucked her for a while, though she did shit before this session she still got some shit out of her ass hole but we never bothered, in fact we used it as a lubricant. I then wiped it when we got exhausted.

Aunt: good fucker u r.

Me: it’s my pleasure, do you have any other strange and dirty desires

Aunt: ya..u son of a bitch

Me: why don’t u list it out vanitha chithi(aunty)

Aunt: ya I will

1. I want to have group sex, arrange for couple of mother fuckers like u, I would like to have dick inside my every holes.

2. buy me a strap on, i would like it to wear it and fuck your ass hole and take the shit out of ur ass hole, as u did it to me…tit for tat, ha ha

3. I will invite my other beautiful prostitute friends home and I will have bsdm kind of sex with u, like tying u on ropes n hurting your dick with the stick and do even more sexual tortures.

4. this one might delight u. i would like to see u fuck my younger daughter first, you would really enjoy fucking the virgin pussy, ha ha…a tight pussy…

5. Bring home any one of your friend who got a small cock me and my friends like to humiliate and tease guys who have a small penis..we have done it before, while on our college days.

6.Me and all my friends will pee on your entire body, you will have to drink some too
and fuck all of our ass holes and take out our shit and this time u will have to taste our shit

7. I want u to voluntarily masturbate and get caught by our servant maid…ha ha. I would love to see how she reacts.

8. I want u to take me to some other far away place and make me a real prostitute for a couple of hours and I should be paid for that too.

9. I want u to take me to some outer area at the time of six or seven when it is not that very dark nor with enough lights. I will go behind some bushes and lift up my saree and pee which should be watched by a nearby stranger and u should make a video of it…I would like to see his reaction.

10. Take a snap when we both fuck, and morph the same, insert some other face instead of mine and hrithiks face instead of yours and upload it on some porn site.

11. I would like to play a small drama. bring home your close friend, tell him that u have given me some heavy dose of sleeping tablets and I will act accordingly and make him believe it and u start to rub by entire body and allow him to do the same…ill all of sudden open my eyes and yell at u guys like anything and then treat u guys…

Me: have no words!
You have read this article kaama kathai-1 with the title July 2012. You can bookmark this page URL Thanks!

ass pics of indian girls

You have read this article ass pics of indian girls with the title July 2012. You can bookmark this page URL Thanks!
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