This story is about me and my teacher. Her name is swati. And guys believe me or not she was my first teacher. That means that she was the teacher who taught me in the kinder garden or as we say in India nursery class. And also she was from the same town that my mom was from so to me advantage she knew me very well and also took some extra care of me. So the real story starts when I was in my 11th grade. I got fairly good marks ion my board exams and took science as my subject. Also beside some of the science subjects I also had to choose a language, and I choose English as I had studied in an English medium school. So it was a long time science I had met swati teacher and I did not even think about her. She was the kind of teacher who was loved by every one because of her lovely nature. And being a teacher for kids it was evident that she had to have such a nature. Nobody I think in this world would have thought of her in any other way. I think she would be called the perfect milf for us.
She was about 44 years of age.
That is she was of my moms age. She was fair in color and had light brown natural hair. I don’t think she colored her hair. Her light colored hair looked very exotic on her fair skin. She had a perfect face, nice wide and pout lips which were made up very well by her lipstick. She had a not too long but sharp nose, nice almond shaped eyes and nice high cheek bones. Her cheeks were a sort of con caved. I think she was 5 8” tall. She had nice big boobs and a wide ass to give her figure a complete hour glass shape. She usually wore sarees or at least I had seen her only in saree as it was a common code of dress in our school.

This story starts when I had my last exam of my 11th standard science. Just wrote my exam and was sitting with my friends in the parking lot. We were chatting and laughing as we were very happy that our painful exams just got over. Then after some time some of my friends left and I was left alone in the parking lot. Just as I was about to leave I saw swati mam coming towards parking lot. I decided to wish her good morning and then leave. So I waited for her in. she came towards me and gave me her lovely smile. Her smile was the one thing that made her what she was. She was very sweet or I would like to say innocent and her smile was equally like that. It did not look as fake smiles that people give to each other now a day. And I think that was obvious as she was a kinder garden teacher and it was expected from her.
“Hello mam how are you?”
I asked as standing to give her some respect.
“Hello beta how are you?”
She said again with a smile looking dead into my eyes. I was spell bounded by her presence. Although she did not have the perfect face or the perfect body but still her personality was such that she charmed every body she met. By the way she was wearing a sleeve less blouse with a black colored saree. She looked magnificent in a sleeve less blouse. Although her arms were a little flabby but still her fair colored skin was a complete pleasant contrast to the color of the saree .she was with cimpu. Chimpu was her 6 years old son. His real name was something else but we used to call him chimpu.
“Hello Mr. chimpu”
I said in a playful voice. And then went near him and started to some how amuse him and make him laugh. You know ho we usually play with kinds with all the idiotic behavior coming out all at once when we see a small kid. I took him in my arms and then tossed him in the air. I was playing with him then teacher came towards near me and extended her took chimpu in her hands.
“Ok baby its time to say good bye to bahi”
She said and then went near her scooter. She was really looking angelic in that saree and especially in that sleeve less blouse. Now she took chimpu in her hands and then raised him up and makes him sit on the back seat on the scooter. Wow man I thought I saw something. Something I like very much. Yes as usual my eyes were on her armpits and as she raised her hands I saw just she hint of hair there. Wow man it’s really sexy to see the naked armpits and even that hairy armpits of a sexy mature married lady. I am not sure as I did not get a clear view but I was sure that there were some hairs in her armpits. They did not seem to be long but just haven’t been shaven since a fews day. Now I was really excited. I mean this was the area of my interest. So I went near just incase I could get a better view. Luckily my bike was parked just beside her scooter. So I went near my bike and sat on leaned on it. She was taking out her helmet out of her scooter. Now I knew that I was going to get a treat. Just in time I thought weather she had hair all over her body. I mean I couldn’t see a single patch of hair on her hands. So that means she surely cared about it. But the place in was thinking was not her hands. I think you guys would have guessed about it. So I do not need to mention it right now. Bcoz I think foreplay and the seduction part are the most important part of a story.
So any ways lets continue with the story. So now she was keeping her belongings in her dickey. Chimpu was sitting on the back seat quietly. I thought he is a nice well behaved boy. Well like mom like son. As now I sat on my bike and was looking towards teacher to give her a final good bye before the vacations. So now suddenly she started to put on her helmet. First I did not notice nut then all of a sudden out of my habit I glanced at her armpits. As she was wearing her helmet she had to raise her hands and now her armpits were available in their full glory. Wow man they were just fantastic. They were very fair in color but as I had thought there were some hair in it. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh man I thought I am going to die right there. Her fair and long hands ended with her torso with her lovely armpits. They looked as if they were made of some velvety material and they black colored hair were in complete contrast with her fair colored skin. And I wanted to like them right now. Of course of she allowed and there was no way I was going to ask her about it. She just looked so fantastic with both her hands raised, showing her lovely and erotic armpits to me. There was a hint of sweat there. But of course it just made them look more delicious. I thought if I did be give a choice to spend my rest of life some where. Then I would surely like to spend it there, right in her arms, very very close to her armpits. Now to my disappointment she had fixed her helmet and now she lowered her hands. So my view got blocked and now I released that I was constantly staring at her armpits. I hoped that she did not notice it. Some hoe I looked in her eyes and then got relieved as she was busy with some other things. So now I knew that I wanted so see more of armpits, I mean more of her. So I thought of some very quick plan. Suddenly I remembered about the assignment we had been given during the vacations. Under normal circumstances I would have never done it but now I intended to do it and that also not alone but with my lovely teacher. Just in case I get to see some more of what I like to see.
“Um mam can I ask you something?”
I asked just as she was about to leave, wow man that was close. if only I would have been a few minutes late in think she would have gone .
“um sure Sid”
She said. Actually I wanted to ask if she would allow me to spend my rest of the vacations in her arms, but I stalled the question for now and asked
“ ummmmm mam, I have taken English as my subject for the vacation, I thought I iiiiii…. Could just get some help from you”
I stammered knowingly so that she would think that I am still an innocent boy that she had known form such a long time.
She gave a sweet smile and ten answered
“Sure Sid, I have always told you that you could to me any time you want”
I was relieved for that reply.
“Ok mam then when can I come at your home?”
I asked as it was obivious that she would be at home during her vaccationds.
“Um if you don’t mind then can u come to the school?”
She asked
“But mam , wont the school be close ?”
I asked out of curiosity.
“No Sid we few teachers have to come during the vacation for the paper corrections”
I was glad that I will get to meet her in the school where no family member will be present to disturb us.
“Ok sure mam”
I said with some how suppressing my excitement
“That will be good for me also; at least I will have some company”
“I assure you that I will give you very good company, mam”
I said with all the dignity and manners I had and with that I gave her a smile
“I hope so Sid”
“So mam, when should I come?”
I asked hoping the the reply would be like very soon
“Um if you want then we can start from tomorrow. I am here from 9:00 in the morning, you can come any time”
She replied.
“Ok mam then I will be here sharp at 9:00”
“ummmmmm really excited to do your assignments, huh sid?”
“Yep mam, and doing them with you will be my pleasure”
I said
“Um already flattering your teacher?’
She said and then gave my hairs a rub. Wow man again this time I got a view of her armpits from real close.shit man they were really sexy and I wanted to take hold of my mam , raise her hands and lick her armpits with all the strength I had in me. I some how controlled my urge and said
“No mam, you are really so nice, that I had so say it”
Hearing this she again gave me a smile and then left saying
“ ok bye Sid, see you tomorrow”
Wow man how am I going to spend this long day. I mean I right now I fel as if to follow her and then tell her everything fucking thought that I have for her and even **** her if she doesn’t cooperate with me. But these are just thoughts and I think I wil never have the balls to **** a women. And I don’t even think I will ever want to **** a women. Because the pleasure just dies right then and there.
So I some how spend the day doing all sort of things I do every day but only increasing my masturbations exponentially on that day. I just couldn’t stop thinking of her and of course her sexy armpits. I wanted to get lost in them. Her soft hair and her fair skin glowing with sweat. Man if I ever get a chance even to touch them then I would be the luckiest person on this earth. I don’t know what attracts me to these married mature women who are old enough to be my mothers. But I surely get strongly attracted by them. They have something that attracts not only me but also many of you readers. They have that experience that we carve about; they have these fully grown bodies that are just curvy at the right laces. They are not ultra thin which is a big turn ff for me. I mean when we make love, there should be enough flash to caress, isn’t it guys? And then most of these middle aged women are deprived of sex. Either their husbands are busy making money, or they have lost interest in them, or they are fucking younger girls.
So when they are full on hormones they are suddenly deprived of sex. So then I come to their rescue. In this case to my teacher

So I spend my day some how and then it the next day. I get up early and get ready, I have this strong erection but I control my self and do not masturbate and save it for the future in case I need it.
I reach my school campus and se that only some teachers are there. I go to swat imams office and then nock
“Excuse me mam, can I come in?”
I ask politely. I was dressed very decently in a formal shirt and a pair of trousers. I wanted to have an impression that I was serious about my work.
“ohhhhhhhh come in beta, how are you?”
She asked me while looking from her spectacles. I did not knew that she had spectacles
. She had a bundle of paper on her desk and was busy correcting them.
“It seems mam that you came early today”
I asked as I was right on time but it seems that she is here since a long time
“Ah yes Sid, I thought coming early would just free me early so that I can help you”
She replied while leaning on her office chair. She was taking a short break while talking with me
“I hope mam I am not disturbing you?’
I said as a formality.
“Of course not Sid, so what have you got for the assignment?”
She asked while extending her hands.
Oh yes friends I forgot to tell you what she was wearing. She is wearing a Punjabi dress, and to my advantage it was also a sleeve less dress. But the special thing about the dress was that is was light green in color. I think green color dresses suits perfectly fair skinned women. She had her dupatta on. I was able to get a no view of her cleavage. But my areanterest was different. Now I thought I would be getting ample view of her armpits. Now while talking to her she suddenly leaned in her chair and then raised her hands and put them back of the chair. Wow man that so great. I mean this was the best welcome site I will ever have in my entire life. The hair was as it were yesterday. It seems that she still had not noticed they or she liked to keep them this way or she didn’t care about them any more. I deliberately went near her and stood beside her. Mam what a view I had. Just imagine a sexy fair school teacher sitting there in a sleeve less dress with both her hands raised and hairs in her armpits. I could not control my self I was almost about to droll when suddenly she looked towards me with a questioned looking on her face.
“Um mam here is the assignment”
I handed her the paper and thanked gos that I was not caught. Now she lowered her hands and started to read the paper.
“ so this is your assignment”
She asked
“Yes mam, I hope you can help me with it”
I said
“Yes of course Sid, I had always had a keen interest in literature”
“so when can we start mam?”
I asked her. She put down her spectacles and then looked in my eyes and said
“um let me complete this paper work , mean while you can start and if you have any difficulties then you can ask me”
She said this and again got busy with her papers. I started reading the books and also trying to steal a few glances at her. It was lunch time and we had our lunch together. We had a little talk about my mom, my family , her family etc. I learned that her family had gone out this morning to a marriage next town and would only return after two days.
“so mam you are alone for two days”
I asked to my curiosity.
“yep, you know even I would have loved to go but this work didn’t allow me to”
I was surprised, as I was also alone that day as my mom and dad had to go on some tour arranged by my dads company.
“wow mam, even I am alone for today, mom ad dad have gone out and will return tomarrow.”
She lloked at me and then replied
“it seems that we could give each other some company”
“yes ofcourse we can mam”
I replied .
We finished our lunch and then again started to do our respective works. I asked her a few questions some times. Although I didn’t need to ask them to make my effort more real I asked a few questions. Soon it was evening time but still she was not finished with her work.
“ mam, I think you should take a break, we have been working all day, and I think you need a break badly”
I said. I cold see from her face that she was tired and she needed a break. Her hair were out here and there, her face did bot had the glow that it had in the morning.
“um I don’t know Sid, may be later theres a lot of work to complete today and today is the last day”
“and we also have to complete your assignment”
She said with a look of concern on her face.
“we will see that late, but lets just go outside and have a little break”
I said with firmness in my voice. Our school was situated on the out skirts of our town. Our town was not a big one but the school was being reun by a trust so it had beautiful campus and even more beautiful teachers.
Now I thought I can have some fun. I went beside her chair and then stood there
“come on mam, either you come or I will pull you outside”
I think after a days hard day even she ws I mood of some masti, so she just sat there and smiled at me
“ok mam, you are forcing me”
I said in a lighter tone and then went near her and caught hold of her hands and then pulled her from her chair. I did not had to try hard as she was willing to come but was only having fun with me.
“Ok baba ok baba, I am coming”
“That’s like a good teacher”
I said and then we both burst out in laughter.
“lets take a little stroll mam”
I said
“ok Sid, as you say”
She replied very politely
“So Sid, how are your studies going on?”
She asked
“Very well mam, in fact I expect to get around 90% marks this time”
“That’s very nice, you were always a good student and I hope you would be a better human being in the future”
“Yes mam, with your blessings I will surely be”
I said
“You know often wish that chimpu should become like you”
“Oh thank you mam, but that very flattering”
I said. I was blushing and my cheeks were all red, I had never hear such a nice complement.
“she saw this and I think she was very found it very cute that I was blushing
“ so Mr. smarty, how are your friends?”
she asked with a slight naughtiness in her tone.
I could not make out what exactly
“mam they are fine”
I replied
“I am not talking about ordinary friends, I am talking about you girl friends”
She said with a small smirk on her face. I knew that she was pulling my leg but I was too shy to reply any thing
“ummmmmm, mam lets go back to your cabin, its already late”
I said some how to divert the topic.
“Very cleaver beta, any ways you are right, lets go back.”
I was relieved that the topic was closed.
So we again went to the cabin and again got busy in our respective jobs. Soon it was night and still we had not finished our work.
“um beat, I think we will not be able to finish our work”
She said all of a sudden. I was disappointed not because of my work, but because I thought that she was going to end the day.
Suddenly I had a sad face
“Um, let me think, I have to complete this work any how today, and I think that your work is equally important”
She said while looking toward me
“And I think that is we carry on then it will at least take a few more hours, right?”
She asked
“Yes right mam, but its ok, I will complete it on my own”
“ no beta, I think since you asked my help, and I made you wait all day, so its my duty to help you”
She replied. I did not said anything as I thought that this s going in the right direction
“ so I think we should continue our work and spend the nught here as it will be very late to return home”
She said. I said wow man, is this a dream or what, I mean my sexy teacher is asking to spend the night with her and she is asking if tis ok with me
“Sure mam. I mean is its ok with you then its ok with me”
I said
“And also I am alone at home so I need not ask any body”
I said. I was just able to control my feelings. I was all excited and I could not control my erection. I mean I did not think that I would get to fuck her but at least I will spend the night with her.
“Ok sid, then its done, we will complete the work and then spend the night in my cabin. I also don’t have anybody waiting at my home, let me tell the watch man and order some food”
“Sure mam, I will call him”
So I went to call the peon and he came. Mam instructed him to bring some food from some restaurant and told him to lock all rooms except mam cabin. As it was vacation time there was no watch man at this time. So now I find that we are going to be alone all through the night. Wow man I was so excited that I cannot describe it .
So we again started to work and soon the food arrived and we had it quietly. We completed our work by 12:00.and now it was time to sleep. I was just too excited to think of some thing else then this moment. I mean there were a desk and a sofa in the room. There was enough room on the floor but there were no carpet on which we could sleep. So the sleeping part was going to be a big challenge. I think mam would have not thought of the problem because if se had then she would have arranged for something else for sure.
“So Sid, finally after a hard days work we have completed out work”
“Yes mam, and I am tired like anything”
I replied. I was sited on the sofa and she was in her chair.
Now she gets up and comes on the sofa and sits beside me. Although there is many space but she chooses to sit just beside me. I think as we were together the whole day so she was feeling more comfortable with me.
“So are you feeling tired?”
She asked me without looking towards me. I think she was really tired as she had closed her eyes and was resting her head on the sofa.
“Yes mam, but not so much”
“Um that’s the power of youth”
She said. Now I wanted to make the conversation more and more naughtier
“You see, I am tired like hell, it seems that I am going old”
She said
“No come on mam, you are not old”
I said
“let it be sid, I am feeling lazy to even argue with you”
Then suddenly one thing came to m mind. I give very good massages. I always used to give massage to my grandparents and although they did not said that I had magic in my hand but still it was very relaxing. And I think teacher needed just that. Also not to mention that I was in search of a chance to touch my lovely teacher.

I wanted to touch her smooth and sexy body. I also wanted to smell her lovely body.
And if possible to taste her. Wow man that so erotic just to think that I was going to spend the night with such a beautiful and sexy lady.
“Um mam if you don’t mind then I can help you relax”
She suddenly got up and looked towards me and asked out of curiosity
“How sid?”
“Um mam I am really good at giving massages”
I said. I didn’t knew what her response would be. I mean if she understood my intention the it would be the end of the night and if I succeeded then I would get to touch her.
“Oh that would be so nice, but I don’t want to bother you. Even you would be tired”
She said it just as a formality. I knew forom this moment that she wanted my massage but was just acting .
“ come on mam, atleast I can do this to repay you for your help”
I said forcing her to take my service.
“ ok sid, I admit that I badly need it, so when do we start?”
She asked. I knew that she was also eager, but I was more eager then her. It was obvious that massage her means that massaging only her head. And if the things proceeded as I wanted then I would get to touch her at more places then just her head. So I got up and went behind her. She saw me going at the back of the sofa and smiled. She closed her eyes and layed her head on the upper part of the sofa.
“Um Sid, I hope you don’t mind giving me a ,massage”
“No mam come on please, I am delighted that I get to do something for you”
“Oh that’s very kind of you”
I went behind her and stood exactly at her back so that she could not see me. Her hair was tied in a bun and was kept together with the help of a pin. So I started by rearranging her head. I was getting difficulty in massaging her head because of the hair. I think mam sensed it and said
“Sid if the pin is troubling you then you can remove it”
She said. Now I knew that this can be a good chance to see her armpits really closely.
Do I deliberately fumbled with the pin and then said
“uhhhhh mam I can not get it out”
As I said it and as I had expected she opened her eyes and looked upwards
“What Sid? You can’t even open a simple pin”
She said and then laughed while looking at me. I was feeling embarrassed and did not knew where to look or what to say so I just said
“Um mam……… is……”
“Ok ok I understand”
She said while still smiling and now I thought my gift was going to open it self. So she raised her hands and then undid her pin. Wow man as she raised her hands her armpits were stark open in their full glory. And her admirer was standing right in front of her or should I say right at her back. And this time I was real close to her . I could even smell her scent. I don’t know if it was my imagination of not but I could clearly get a musky smell suddenly filled in the room. I got an eyeful sight of them. Both her armpits were very erotic. The hair were not so long that it looked as if she had not shaved her armpits for years but it looked that she might not have shaved for only about 2-3 weeks. I think she did not wore sleeve less dress many times so she might not be used to show of her armpits. But what ever be the reason it was a feast for me. I mean I can spend the entire night in her arms or can I say armpits. I thought of many kinky things like I am pouring honey in her armpits and then it is licking all over her arms and on the side of her breasts and then she call to lick the hones. I lick her whole armpit with my tongue and leaving my saliva all over her body or another on that we are in public place and she tells me to lick her armpit then and there. Some how I lick them and right in between so many people but without knowing them what I am doing. Anyways I never expected them to be true but I just wished that some how they become true. So a

So although her arms were raise only for a few seconds but it seems that the time had stopped and I was spending looking there. So now to my disappointment she again lowered her hands and closed her eyes again. Now again I came to my senses and released what I was doing. I was massaging this sexy beautiful lady with a sexy dress and I was not even getting a chance to touch her where I wanted. I knew that I was not going to get such a chance in this lifetime. So what ever I wanted to do I had to do it tonight. But think all this was very easy but implying this was equally difficult.
So I slowly moved my hands from her head to her face. I did not caressed it quickly but first I massaged at the side of her head and then went near her face. Although I could only reach her forehead and side of her cheeks but still I was satisfied as hell. I mean I never thought I would get a chance to touch this lovely lady let alone the thught of massaging her.
“um sid, you are lovely”
Wow man what was she talking about. I knew that she ment that I was giving a lovely massage but I could easily make out double meaning from her sentence
“I mean, your hands are doing magic on me”
She said quickly after what she said previously
“Thank you mam”
I said in a gentleman’s tone. I mean I wanted to take the credit that she was giving me.
So now I was slowly massaging her face and then my aim was to move towards her shoulders. I wanted to proceed slowly so that it lookes natural and she can get accustomed to my touch. But suddenly she got up alert and looked towards me. I felt as a thief who had been caught red handed. Although I had not even started to proceede according to my plan. Is it possible that women can know what’s going on in a persons mind?
“Hey sid, I am sorry , I did not even think that you would also be feeling tired.”
Oh man was I relieved. I mean I was thinking that my plan was over but here she was concerned about me
“Oh no mam, it ok, I am fine”
I said
“No sid, come on, sit here on sofa “
“Um ok mam”
I said and then went in front and sat on the sofa beside her. I thought that the show for the day was over but I was going to be proven wrong.
“Um Sid, can you please continue what you were doing”
She said in a requesting tone. It was as though she was pleading me
“Um sure mam, why not”
Was all I could say out of excitation.I don’t know how in this position I could massage her head. But acting as a dumb I went near her. As we were facing each other
As I went near our faces came very near to each other so did our bodies. I had a very nervous look on my face. I think she laughed and then said
“oh Sid, I mean I can put my head in your lap and then you can massage”
Saying this she laughed at my nervousness and then tried to control it by putting her hab on her mouth. Oh shit man. What was I thinking; I had made a fool out of me. Any ways I went away from her and then sat with my lap wide so that she can put her head in my lap. But suddenly something came to my mind. What if she feels my hard on. I mean I surely did have a hard on, although it was not a raging one but what will she think if she feels it. So I had no time to think about I and suddenly she bent down to put her head and then I was not able to do anything. But to my help she did not put her head completely in my pal. She rested her head just on my left thigh. So now I was relieved. But the view that now I was getting was even better. She was laying there in my lap and her duppata had slided down and a bit of her cleavage was visible. And yes she was laying in my lap getting ready to get massaged by me. So I again start to massage her head and then slowly her face. I mean there was very less space to massage her face but still I massaged the parts which I can like her forehead and her cheeks etc.
“um mam, do you want me to do your shoulders?”
I asked. I expected the answer to be yes because she was really enjoying my massage
“um sure sid, I was just going to ask that”
She said.
But as I started to massage her shulders I was feeling uncomfortable as it was difficult with her seeping in my lap. So I told
“um mam, its very uncomfortably here, can we do it some other way”
“ya lets see what we can do”
So saying this she got up. The place that was in my mind was her desk. It was long enough to accommodate her.i was just hoping that she would notice it and suggest it. I did not wanted to snuggest it on my own.
“um I think the only way to do it is on the desk”
“sure mam”
I replied eagerly. The advantage on desk was that I could mave all around her and also it seemed just like the porn pics where a students fucks his teacher right on her desk. But I doubted weather it will happen in my case.
So I removed all the things from the desk and then waited for her to lie down on the desk. Seeing that I have removed all the things she got up and came near the desk. Wow man the sight that she got up without the dupatta . I think she did not need it as it was becoming an abstraction in the process.
“mam please lie down, so that I can massage your shoulders “
“Ok Sid, but tell me if you feel tired.”
She said. I said in mind that I am never going to feel tired doing this.
So I started massaging her shoulders. Her hands were kept together and I was standing at her back. Now I wanted to proceed towards her shoulders. So I asked
“mam should I massage your shoulders?”
“Yes Sid”
She answered. I was very excited. To touch her shoulders. As she as wearing sleeve less dress so only a think strap like of thing was present on her shoulders. So now I started to massage them. My main aim was to massage her lovely arms and her armpits. And I was so occupied with her armpits that I could not notice her other assets. I mean while she was sleeping her big tits were jutted out in air. They were begging to be handled roughly. And yes of course her ass was also magnificent. I mean her whole body was such that it should be worshipped. so now without asking her I began to do her arms. I started to massage her upper arms. I did not go directly to her armpits but to make the effort more natural I started to massage her upper arms. And then I thought here is the moment.
“ummmmm mam can you please raise your arms…… that I can massage them better”
Saying this she did not replied. I think she was half way in sleep. I think she expected me to do this. So I caught hold of her wrists and then raised both of her arms/ wow man taking hold of her arms was very nice and then slowly reveling her armpits was equally erotic. I mean I was in control now. So slowly and slowly I raised both of her arms and then put then back of her head. Wow man I was seeing these armpits for I don’t know how many times today. But this was the finest chance as she was half asleep and I was so close to her. so I slowly put my finger in her armpit. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww man what a feeling it was. I mean the skin was very soft and her hair was giving me an electric shock. I slowly put three fingers and then caressed her armpit. Man I think I cumed right there. I mean it was the most desirable thing for me in this fucking world and it was right in front of me. And now I withdrew my finger and then brought them near my nose. They smelled just too erotic. I mean it is not as if they here giving out some rosy smell but the musky smell that it was giving was fantastic. And now I out all my three fingers in my mouth. The taste I cannot describe but the fact that it was swat imams armpit was just too arousing for me. But as I was doing this suddenly she opened her eyes and then sort of get up and looked at me/ I had just enough time to pull out my fingers.
“Um so have you finished massaging my arms?”
She asked
“Yes mam” I answered. I tried to see if there was anything strange about her. But I think she had not noticed anything that I was doing.
“Um Sid, can you also do my back”
She asked
“Why not mam”
So without saying anything further she rolled over and then kept her head down. So I again started to massage her upper back. I could feel the bra strap but I did not played with them. Also while massaging my hands accidentally went to far and I brushed my hands with the side of her breasts. Wow man they were real soft and also they were huge in size I can tell from the fact that they were coming outwards as she laid up on them.
I was afraid that she might feel it wrong and stop the massage. But I think she either did not notice it or thought of it as just an accident.
“Sid please do my lower back, it paining a lot”
She said
“Sure mam”
I said and then started to do her lower back. But as soon as I started I encountered one problem. Her salwer ended there and her kamiz also was very loose there as it had cuts on the sided. So my hand was slipping every time I tried to massage there. I think mam also notices it and then without saying anything she got up and pulled her kamiz a bit and then again laid down. Mam what was that I thought. I think she was becoming less and less conscious about me. And she had lifted her kamiz up to height shuch that almost whole of her belly was visible when she was doing it. So now she was again laying there with her kamiz pulled up to about half of her back. So without asking anything further I started to massage her naked flesh. But the thing now was that I could see her lovely and yes her salwar was also visible. it was made of very thin material and I could clearly make out her panty lines. I think she was wearing black colored cotton panty. You don’t expect a middle age school teacher wearing fancy items. So now I was very excited and massaging her had become a problem. I mean my hands were shaking and she senced it
“Sid, are you feeling alright?”
She asked
“Um yes mam”
I answered she was talking with her head kept down.
“It ok Sid, I am just like your mom”
She said it and then looked towards me giving me an assuring look.
So I don’t know how I got this courage but I came litte on her lower bacl and then asked
“mam, do you want me to do your lower back?”
“Yes Sid, it’s the area that needs the most care”
She answered.
“And by the way you are a very good masseur”
“Oh come on mam”
I answered.
I started to massage the area near her salwar. And then she said to my surprise
“Um Sid please do a bit lower then that”
I was surprised as well as confused. I mean I was massaging at the line where her salwar ended and she was asking me to go a bit lower. Where was I supposed to go lower?
“You can lower my salwar a bit if you need to”
God man was she asking me to do what I was hearing. I mean here she was there right in front of me with her kamiz hiked up and was asking me to lower her salwar. I mean how I will do it without Cumming in my pants.
“Yep mam, as you say”
“I hope it doesn’t bother you Sid, I mean only then you will be able to massage me properly, and you know I have always had those lower back problem”
She said this in a low tone. I think she was slowly and slowly drifting to sleep.
“Sure mam”
Was al I could say? I mean I am being told to lower my sexy teacher’s salwar and I needed no reasons to do that. So slowly with trembling hands I caught hold the belt area of her salwar and tried to pull it down. But it was not coming down. Till now I was trying not to touch her skin but now I think I will have to do it. So I inserted my two fingers in her salwar, not too deep but only enough so that I could get a better grip and pull it down. The moment I inserted my fingers I got a weird feeling. And not to mention as usual it was very exciting to do it. The warm skin was giving pleasant warmth against the salwar fabric. As I could make out her panty outline, I knew that I was not far from her panty. But I did not wanted to catch hold of her panty so soon. But as I inserted my finger I knew that her nada was very tight. But how could I say that mam please open your nada. I thought that I will have to let her figure out
“oh sorry sid, I think the nada is tied in the front”
Now I hope that she would not tell me to open her nada. But thanks she was not so sulty. She just lifted her pelvic region a bit from the desk and then inserted her hands beneath her stomach and then tried to open it. But as she could not see what she was doing so she could not open it. So she sighed and then sat upright on the desk and then opens the nada. But as she sat her kamiz fell down. I could only see her hand movements beneath the kamiz. As she finished opening the nada she again laid on the desk on her stomach. But this time her salwar was not hiked up.
“Ok Sid, I think it will be easier for you”
Saying this she again faced down and closed her eyes. so this time I had to hike her kamiz and also pull down her was feeling like I was stripping my mam naked. But some how I hiked her kamiz only bit as I had to deal with her lower back more aand started t lower her salwar. I caught holg of her salwar and then slowly started to lower her salwar. I didn’t know up to what point lower it. so I waited for her signal after lowering it a bit.
“Uh Sid please lower my salwar a bit more”
“I hope you are not feeling strange”
She again asked
“No mam, you are just like my mother”
I answered her back right in her tone
So I lowered it more then needed. As I lowered it slowly she had to raise her pelves a bit so that salwar can move down. And I wanted to stop as soon as her panty appeared but something happened to me and I kept lowering her salwar. Now finally when I stoppen I had almost reacjed half od her ass. And I don’t know how to describe it. I mean guys try to imaginge the situation she was here eith her salwar down and showing haly of her ass clad only in thses plain whit cotton panty. So I was excited as hel but I had seen enough during the day. Now suddenly it came to mind that why was she acting so friendly. Or I should better say why she is acting so slutty. But I don’t think that she night have anything of that sort in her mind. So I decided that it was best and also safe to go with the flow.
“Oh I hope now you can do it properly”
She looked towards me and said..
So I started to massage her lower back. I did not allow my fingers to roam very far. Just till her panty line. But since she wanted me to go much lower then that, so I started to massage just below her panty line. As she had her panty way above her ass crack, so I could not encounter her real ass. I mean seeing it from so near and also touching it but not getting to her ass would be a real disaster.
“um mam, should I go lower?”
I asked resting my fingers just below her panty line
“um yes sid, if you dot mind”
She replied. Now I decided that this is the last time I am asking her , now she would not get a hance to complain. So I started to mover my fingers more and more inside her panty. Although I did not had the courage to lower her panty nor did had the courage to ask her to lower them. But hey, I did not need to do it as I already had my fingers inside her panty. Wow man this is the best day of my life and I can guaranty that I will never forget this fucking day in my entire life.
So I started to move me fingers deeper and deeper. What exactly I was doing was that I was getting hold of some flesh between my hands and then caressing them. As I was moving my hands deeper, suddenly I encountered a slope. And I do not need to mention that the sloping was upwards. I knew exactly what was that but I just rested my hands there for a few secs to check if mam had any problems with that. But as usual she did not reply. So I thought that I should go on. So I just massaged upper part of her ass. But I was careful to make it look as if I am massaging her and not grabbing her whole ass cheek. boy what an ass she had. I would not say that it was damm tight but I can surely say that it was huge. I mean we don’t expect middle age women to have very tight asses, do we? So I was enjoying my self very much massaging or caressing her ass, although I was only able to touch only about the starting portion of her ass, but it was enough for me. I think she had drifted to sleep so that why so was not responding. So I decided to take some advantage of it. I slowly went to the front of the desk to see if she was sleeping, yes I was right she was sleeping tight. So I again went to the back and inserted my whole palm in her panty. I was careful to insert only one hand as if the tension on the panty increased then she would wake up as she was not in a deep sleep. so slowly and slowly I moved my hand to the centre of her ass and then took out my index finger. I think guys you might have figures out what I was trying to do. I was trying to not insert my finger in her asshole but just to touch her ass hole and see if it’s hairy. So let my hand slip deep inside her panty and then when I thought that it was in the middle of her ass I inserted my finger in the crack. Guys the feeling I was getting was just cant describe in words. Slowly and slowly my finger dug deep inside of her crack. And as half of my finger went inside, I could feel some hairs. like her armpits hair they were not too long but I could feel their presence. Anyawys without wasting any time I started pushing my finger deeper and deeper and atlast I reached the glory hole. I could only make because of the puckered skin and also due to the large amount of heat coming out of it. Suddenly I could feel twitching of her ass. I became conscious and quickly removed my hand from her ass.I wanted to smell it badly but I feared that she is going to wake up. But I took my chances and brought my finger near my nose. Wow man it was erotic. It did not smelled of flowers or like some perfume, but it smelled hat it should smell like, her ass. It had a pungent aroma to it but guys I was not going to complain. Just as I was going to lick it, she suddenly moved and woke up. I was quick enough to remove my finger from my mouth but I think she might have seen the last quick movement of my hand.
“um sorry I just drifted to sleep”
“its ok mam, after all you have worked so hard the whole day”
“yes and your massage was very soothing.”
“thank you mam, that very nice of you”
Now slowly and slowly she was regaining her composure, and coming to senses.
“oh thank you sid, “
She said once again and started to get up. She got up and and was now sitting on the desk. Her salwar was in the same loose condition and and was lying near her ass.. she was facing me so for the first time I could see the front part of her panty. I dared not have a glance at her crotch as she was looking into my eyes and talking. So if I saw somewhere else then her eyes then she would come to know about it and she would become conscious. So I just postponed the glance.
“that was very grateful of you sid,I almost went to sleep”
“come on mam, I can do anything you want”
I said. After saying this I released that she could make out double meaning of it. But anyways I didn’t care now. We two were very comfortable with each other. And I think that was showing in her as she was very casual with me.
“So mam, what do you plan to do?”
“I am not feeling sleepy much, as I have aready slept some time”
“mam, actually I am also not feeling too sleepy ad you have slept some time”
I said to make the the atmosphere more light.
“so u have got a sense of humor too mister”
She said and patted my cheek
“I thought you would always remain formal around me”
She said.
“No mam, you will find more qualities in me as time passes by”
I said. Actually I wanted to say that mam you will know how horny I am as the night progresses.
“What’s the time Sid?”
She asked. I looked at my watch and replied
“it’s 1’o clock mam”
“oh that’s pretty late”
“Umm yes mam”
I replied. “ok then lets go o sleep”
She said.
“So how’s our sleeping arrangement Mr. Sid?”
She asked looking puzzled and surveying the room.
“Um I don’t know mam, may be I can sleep on the floor and you sleep on the sofa.”
I said with half heartedness. I wanted to sleep some how biside her in case if I get any chance through night.
“no you do not need to sleep on the floor”
“um what we will do it we can put the mares of the sofa on the floor and use the cushion aspillows”
Woo man, that was the best plan. I mean we get to sleep together on the floor. Even I could not think of such a plan in the given time
“that would be nice. I hope you don’t mind me sleeping together with you”
I said and looked down as if feeling shy.
“come on sid, after the whole day are you still feeling shy?”
She asked me and had a frustrated look on her face
“sorry mam”
Was all I could say.
“ok so help me”
Saying this she got up but forgot to tie her nada of her salwar. I thought she would quickly catch it and tie it but she did a completely opposite thing.
As her salwar fell down she sighed and looked at me
“I completely forgot about it “
Saying this she just stepped out of her salwar and threw it aside.
I mean how can she do this. I thought this this is the same shy teacher that used to teach me when I was small. Any way I had nothing to complain about.
“yo kno I don’t like to sleep with a lot of clothes on”
She said . I don’t know what had gotten into her but she was acting very wiered. I think she was thinking me as her son and not a stranger.
But man I should say that she was looking fantastic in her kamiz without her salwar.
The slit in her salwar was showing a lot of her thigh. But I think she did not objected that. Otherwise she would have not have taken her salwar off.
“please help me sid, don’t just stand there like a dumb”
She said this with a smile on her face.
“um yes mam”
I said. Now was another treat. Because she went to one side of the sofa and I went to the other. She bent down to hold the mattress. As she bent down I was dumbstruck, because I was able to see a large portion of her cleavage. I mean it was really deep ad also was glowing with w bit of sweat. I wish could lick her whole cleavage right then and there. But I think there was much more in store for me then just licking there.
I was so dumbstruck that I could not even notice that she was watching me staring at her cleavage.
“huh……….. hey sid, whrees ur attention?”
She asked.
I was caught red handed. My face turned red and I could not see in her eyes. Although I had done many pervert things, but this is the forst time that I am getting caught.
I blurted out.
“oh let it be, lets finish setting up the bed”
She said. From the corner of my eyes I saw her face. She was not looking towards me but I could see that she was not angry with me for looking towards her boobs.
So we set up the the mattress in one corner of the room. Mam went to get the cushions. I expected her to put the cushions apart or atleast at some distance but she just kept them together. I mean this is the position in which we are going to sleep the entire night. And keeping the cushions so near meant that she wanted us to sleep side by side.
“So Sid, what do we do now?”
She asked while sting on the mattress. Well I want to fuck hard and lick your armpits till I can was what I wanted to say but as usual I said
“I don’t know mam”
I said
“Come on yaar, don’t be a bore”
She said
“We can play an game”
I said. That’s what came to mind first
“Which game?”
She asked looking very excited
“ummmm I don’t know, lets say antaskshari”
I said I knew it was a typical answer but nothing else came to my mind.
“Come on Sid, I didn’t expect this from you”
She said and made a face as if I had raped her.
“I say lets play truth or dare”
Wow man, I was surprised.
“I mean I have seen it in movies many time, so lets play that, it will be an interesting game”
She said getting all excited. I was ok with it as I could not loose much in that game. I didn’t think she was going to ask tricky questions and I had played it many times so I thought hat I could ask her tricky questions and also make her do things hat I wanted. But boy-o-boy I was going to be proven wrong on this one.
“Ok let’s make a deal,”
“What mam?”
I asked out of curiosity
“We will speak only truth and do what ever the tasks comes”
She said.
“Ok mam”
I said. Now I really wanted to know what swati mam was up to.
“Ok mam, as you say”
“No wait, I will swear of my son and you swear of your mom. Ok”
Now this was a real surprise. I mean why was she so serious about the game.
“Ok mam, but why are you so serious about the game?”
“No its just that I am playing this for the first time, and I want to play it with its true spirit”
“Ok mam, I swear”
I said.
“mam I think it no use spinning a bottle since only two of us are present, so we get our chance turn by turn.”
Ya it oks”
She said. So now she sat right in front of me. Although there was space between us. Her legs were coming out of the slits and her white colored thigh looked fantastic. And she also looked fantastic.

“So whose turn is it first?”
She asked
“Lets start from you mam, ladies first”
I said and smiled at her.
“Ok so truth or dare?”
She asked
“Um let’s say truth”
I said as I was feeling very lazy to do anything.
“Ok, so do you feel I am attractive?”
Wow man I was stunned. I mean I did not expect this from her. I expected some silly questions.
“Hu mam, what did you ask?
I said to confirm that
“Do you find me attractive, it’s a simple question”
She said and liked towards me for an answer
“Um mam, you are a very nice teacher, and also beautiful………….”
I said
“But my question is do you find me attractive?”
She asked
“Um yes mam……..”
I said. I mean I had to answer the question, and if she wanted to know it straight then I told her straight.
“Ok now its your turn”
“So mam, would you chose truth or dare”
I asked waiting for my revenge for making me so uncomfortable.
“Ok I choose truth”
She said. Now I was feeling that she was becoming naughty with me so I wanted to check if she was really in that mood or if it was just in my mind.
“So what the size of your waist”
I asked. I mean I did any other question did not came to my mind.
“Well you can check it for your self”
She replied. Now I could clearly see the twinkle in her eyes. I mean she was in a completely different mood now.
So hen she said that I should check it my self. I asked
“Do we have a measuring tape here?”
“No silly, it’s mentioned on the label”
“ya right”
So saying this I went where her salwar was lying. I mean that where the label was right?
But boy I was wrong. I searched for the label all through the salwar.
No able to find it I looked at her. She was smiling at me and did not reply when I gave her a questioned look.
Now I came near her and said
“Its cheating there is no label there. Now you will have to tell me, you know it the rule of the game”
I said
“Excuse me, the label is here”
She said and then pointed me at the back. Shit man was she referring me the label on her panty. I mean I was not ready for it to come so soon.
“Come here and read it your self”
She said again
“Yes mam”
I said went to her back. She lifted her kamiz a bit so that I could read the label. I bent down and then went near her panty, I could see where the label was and then went a little closer and read it.
It read 40.
“So mam, it reads 40”
I said
“ya, so now its nice that you have checked it yourself, so you cant say that I lied”
She said and then smiled.
“Yes mam, that a nice way”
I said. Now I surely knew that she was acting a little bit flirty but I didn’t knew u til which point she would take it.
“So now it’s my turn dear”
She said.
“Truth or dare?”
She asked all excited.
I didn’t knew which to choose but I took my chance and said
“Truth mam”
“Ok so, let me ask you a tricky question,”
“Not too tricky mam”
I said
“Ok so since you have massaged me, which part of my body do you like the most?”
She asked. That was a real tough one. I mean I definitely knew the answer but it was tough to admit it in front of her. I mean how I can say that I like your hairy armpits mam. But I wanted her to know that so I said
“itr ur armpits mam”
Ow it was her turn to get shocked. I mean she expected me to say her legs or her lovely skin or something else but not armpits
“Why so sid? I mean “
Before she could complete the question I said
“One question at a time mam, only one question”
So hearing this she got quite and gave me a wide smile.
“ok be careful next time, it seems its your turn now”
“yam am, so what do you choose?”
I asked
“Once again I choose truth”
“ ok so in my whole massage, which part do you lke the most?”
I asked. I expected her to say that she like me rubbing her back or her hands or anything else
But she replied
“um I liked the part where you put your finger in my back”
Wow man. I am surprised, does she know of this. I thought she was asleep during that time. Man how am I going to face her knowing that she nows what I did. But giving it a little thought I wonder why she did not said anything about it, it means that she approves of it. So anyway lets go on with this game. I think this game is becoming more interesting then a bond film.
“But mam……….. I thought … you were sleeping weren’t you?”
“Well well Mr. Sid, only one question at a time, only one question”
She answered back in my own words that I had used on her earlier.
“Ok now again my turn, so I guess you choose truth”
She was very eager to ask me more questions, but I was in no position to answer. So I said
“No mam, this time I choose dare”
I said it expecting that this time it will be an easy task, at least then answering some of her difficult questions
“Ok so that a refreshment”
She said and then acted as though thinking of something I didn’t knew what was coming
“so I was think that it not fair that I have removed my salwar, I mean I am a women and here its me who has less clothes, so I want you to remove your trousers.”
She said and again smirked. I could make out that she was enjoying plzying this game.
“what mam…. But how can i…..”
I tried to argue with her
“no but’s, you choose dare and you pay for it”
She said
“ok mam,”
Saying this I got up to remove it. I was surprised as though how her eyes followed my every movement of my hands.i unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper. That wheni felt very uncomfortable. I released that I had tight briefs on and due to the situations I had a semi hard on. So if I removed my trousers then my hard on would be visible.i was hesitating to remove them when she said
“What, you have no underwear?”
“No mam”
I said and then slowly and slowly peeled down my trousers. But now her eyes were not traveling with my hands, they were stuck at just one plzce. My crotch, in this briefs its pretty easy to make out the size and outline of my fellow.
So out of embarrassment I quickle removed them and sat down at my place. But as I sat down, it even showed more as I had to split my legs. And my pubic hairs were peeking from the side.
“So I have completed my task,mam”
“Very well sid”
She said. And now it was my turn. If she chooses dare then I wont spare her. I mean she had almost got me naked, and so will I.
“so I choose truth”
“smart of you mam”
I said.
“so let me think……….”
I thought for a minute, I mean now I can ask anything which I want, and she had broken all barriers between us.
“mam, why do you have hair in your armpits”
I think she was not surprised to hear this. Because now as she knew that I liked her armpits so she was expecting such a question
“well I will not say that I forgot to shave it, but just like you I like to have some hair down there and show to perverts like you who droll over them”
She giggled as she said this. Now this game was taking the right direction. I didn’t suspect her answer as it was exactly what I wanted to hear.
“I am not a pervert mam”
“Yes you are Sid”
She said.
“So what do you choose Sid?”
“Uh mam, I again choose dare”
I said. I mean I wanted to know how far she can go.
“Ok so I already have a thing in mind”
“What mam?”
I asked
“Well you have been saying a lot about my armpits, what I want you to do is to sniff at both of my armpits”
She said and then just looked at me with a plain face. I think she wanted to see the reaction which I gave.
“what….I mean really you want me to do it?”
I asked
“yep you heared it right young man”
Wow man I was more then delighted to do this task.i always wanted to do it. Even if she had asked me to lick there I would have done so.
“ok mam, as you say”
I said and moved towards her. She smiled as I came near her. I did bnot get up and only shifted on the mattress towards her. I did not wanted t get up as I did not wanted to exhibit my cock once again to her hungry eyes. She smiled looking straight into my eyes as I came near her. I had to come very close to her as I had to rech for her armpits. So now I was almost one feet away from her face and then I said
“ok mam, I am ready”
As I completed my sentence, I could feel her heavy breath on my face , I could tell that she was excited just like me. She slowly raised her right arm and the looked towards me.
I was just dumb folded. This was the closest view that I was getting of her lovely and delicious armpit. Her jet black hair looked just very very sexy in contrast with her white skin. So I moved forward and brought my nose close to her pit. I closed my eyes as the only sensation I wanted to have was that of her smell of her armpit. I went near and nearer to her. I could almost hear her heart beats. I wanted to hold her in my hands and kiss her full on her lips. I wanted to love her like no one had ever done to her. But gor the time being I had to get satisfied with this. At last when my nose was almost going to touch her armpits I stopped and looked at her. She was also looking at me and gave a smile back when I looked at her.i sniffed loud enough so that she could hear it. When I did ot she smilled and said“Ok I hear it Sid, no need to show”
She said it
“No mam, I was just making sure that you know I am doing my task”
The smell was just too intoxicating. I mean no perfume or no other artificial or natural fragrance could have the effect that her smell was having on me. I smelled her one armpit and then proceeded to other. She raised her other arm and I smelled it. Then I thought to do some naughty thing. At last when she was lowering her arm I just gave a kiss in her armpits. She was surprised by this. Even I was surprised by my sudden action. I had not planned it but it seemed the right thing. so again I came back to my place and looked at her, kissing her armpit was too erotic and I got a full hard on. I couldn’t hide it in my briefs, but then I thought that may be she wanted to see it after all that why she ha my trousers removed.
“So I think you did more then what I had asked for”
“yep, I didn’t want to give you any chance to complain later”
“So mam, it’s your turn, what do you choose?”
“Hey Sid, lets have one more agreement, we have had enough of truths, so now only dares, I hope it ok with you”
She said. I think now it was understood by both of us as though where this thing was leading, so it was an unspoken truth.
“Ok mam”
“So I guess that now it’s your turn to perform”
“Yes baby, it is, so what can I do for you”
She said and bowed down as though she was my servant.
“well I have massaged you a lot, so now I want you to rub my legs”
I said. I said it deliberately as I was not wearing any pants so she had to rub my nakd legs.
“Ok that’s fair”
She said
“Why don’t you lie down, because that will be better”
“ok sure”
Saying this I lied down. That’s when I released that as I lied down my hard o was more prominent. And my shirt was not even long enough to cover it. As I was thinking about all this she got up and sat on my right side. She started rubbing my calf and ankeles. Soon she finished it and loved upwards. As she move upwards I was feeling afraid. Because my cock was only covered by this material of my brief. Ans also it felt weird that she was so close to it and still she ignored it. I mean good or bad any reaction had to come from her.suddenly she came very near to it and then atarted to rub the area of my inner thigh. While doing this she accidently touched my nuct sack. When he first she touched it my cock twitched. She observed it and then looked towards me and smiled.
“sorry “
She said.
I could not even say it is ok. Because that was not ok. Although all day I wanted to do it but since it was my first time I was very very nervous.
She came still up and then started to rub the side of my legs just beside my cock. Although she did not touch it but she was fucking near to it. If she wantd then she could just reach out and get hold of my cock. She went to the side of my briefs. I thought that my cock is going to explode right then and there. She inserted her one finger and then played with my pubes that were peeking out of my briefs.
“I got up and sat upright. But still she did not remove her hand. She kept rubbing my legs and then as I looked at her with a questioned looked, she had to remover her hand and she sighed and sat at her place.
“So was that nice?”
She asked
“Yes mam, that was nice”
I replied.
“I hope you enjoyed it, Sid just as I enjoyed your massage”
She said with a hint of lust in her eyes
“Uh yes mam”
I said.
So now it was her turn
“So truth or dare”
“Truth mam”
I said I think she had forgotten about the agreement we had made.
“Ok so this os going to be a tough one”
She said
“No problem mam, I am all ready for it”
By now I knew that we were going to do it all the way and now it was only a mtter on time that she had got me naked.
“Ok so how much do you know about a women’s dress”
She asked
“Hey that’s not allowed, I wont tell you”
I said. I did not know what was in her mind. I thought that she will tell me to undress myself but suddenly she asked me this question and then made to think what she was up to.
“Ok so I hope you will not feel bad about it baby”
She said laying emphases on the word baby
“No mam, I have seen enough today”
I replied boldly
“Naughty boy, I will have to report it to your mam”
She said and then laughed
“Ok then are you ready to hear your task?”
She asked looking all anticipated.
“Yes mam, now will you please tell me what to do?”
“So you will have to undress me in just one minute. And also I will not help you in any way”
She said and then gave a wide smile. I was shocked. I was not expecting this from her so soon.
“So sid, already afraid?”
She said
“No mam, I will do it”
I said and then went near her and said
“So when will the time start.”
I asked. I was very excited. Now I could finally see her the way I have wanted to see her. And the icing on the cake was that I had to undress her. I think she was checking if I had the guts and the skill to do it. But I wanted to show her that I had both the things and also another thing which I think she needed badly.
“Ok then you will start when I say”
She looked in the wall clock and waited for the second hand to come to twelve, as soon as it came there she said start.
“mam, please raise your hands”
I said as the only piece of cloth that I had to remove was her kamiz. At least that’s what I had thought as she had already removed her salwar.
When I said that she looked at me and smiled and then replied
“Remember I won’t be helping you in any way”
She said. I knew that she was playing with me so I went near her and caught hold of her wrists and then raised her arms. As I raised them over her head I once again saw her lovely armpits. But this time I had no time to admire them. So I quickly caught both of her wrists over her head with my one hand as I needed my other hand to open her kamiz. I released that she had a fee hooks at the back so I quickly unhooked them with both of my hands. As I left her hand she again lowered them and smiled. Wow man this was tough since she was not helping me at all. So this time I caught hold of her hands from her armpits. Wow man this is do great. I can feel her full armpits in my palm. I wanted to kiss her there but I had o time. So I caught hold of her armpits and again raised her arms and then caught hold of her bottom part of her kamiz and then raised it. Now as the kamiz was coming up more and more part of her body was getting exposed. I had already seen her belly region. It was not tight; it was a bit fat and also bulged a bit. But the round shape that it had was very attractive to my eyes. Especially since she had whit colored skin so it was very mouth watering. And as I raised the kamiz more her lower part of bra come in view. This was the first time I was going to see any women’s boobs from so close. Now I released that not only her armpits but also her tits and her ass in short each and every part of her was very sexy and was made to be made love to. As was think all this suddenly mam said
“30 seconds remaining”
I again came to my senses and removed the kamiz completely from her body and then released her hands.
I sat at my place and then saw her in all her glory. She was sitting there smiling at me in just her half cup bra and her panty. Her half cup bra was only able to support her boobs but not cover them. I could clearly see half of her tits and the most hypnotizing part of her tits was her cleavage. She had really huge tits and her cleavage was even deeper. And the fact that she was my teacher made it even more delicious. Now I was not afraid that she would catch me staring at me. Now I wanted her to see that I liked what she showed.
So mam, how did I do”
I asked proudly as I had completed the task in the given time.
“very bad sid, atleast I expected something better”
She said. I was surprised, I mean I had taked out her salwar very neatly and also in given time. So what was she talking about?
I asked out of curiosity
“mam, but I did take off your salwar in one minute”
“Hey what do you think I gave you one minute just to take out my salwar?”
She said.
Wow, man what else did she wanted me to tae off. I mean I thought that this was the limit. But here she was breaking each and every limit.
“But mam, you did not specify”
I argued. I was regretting that I had let go one golden opportunity to see her naked and above that I had to make remover her cloths. I mean how erotic can this thinkg get from here.
“No Sid, you should have at least used common sense”
What the fuck man. The only sense that I was using during the last few hours was my dick sense. But I knew that even she wanted me to do it.
“But mam, ok then at least I should get another chance, please”
I said. I think now both of us had no shame in front of each other. It became evident from the reply that she gave.
“Ok then you get another chance but this time you get only 45 seconds”
“Ok mam, thanks”
I said and gave her a naughty smile.
“on then your time starts now”
She said while not even looking at the clock”
“wait mam, let me first position first”
I said as I did not wanted to waste any time in moving from my place to her.
I went behind her as it wil be easier to undo her bra. Wow man I had to pinch myself to release weather the things were happening was real or not.
“smart move sid”
She said as she looked towards me and smiled”
Ya mam,like teacher like student”
I said and smiled back at her.
“ok so you can start.”
She said. I think this time she did not consider any time barrier and just wanted to show me her treasures. And I was eagerly waiting to see them. As soon as she said it I unhooked the clasped of her bra. It had two hooks and they were not too difficult to unhook. As soon as I unhooked them they sprang with a lot of force. They two ends were pulled apart with a lot of speed. It was as if they had been very tightly clasped. And I can under stand how much work her bra had to do to hold the gigantic boobies in their cups.
So now her bra had been unhooked from back and now I had to remove it completely from her body. I raised her arm and then removed the bra from it and then did the same with the other hand. As soon as I did it her bra fell to the round. But unfortunately as I was sitting at the back I could not see her treasures. But I could see from the sides that her boobs had dropped a little and now could be seen from her sides. But I had no time to enjoy the scenery as I still had to free her ass from her panty. Now this is the moment that scared me. I mean I had never touched any girl till now and now I was getting a hell of a ride. I mean I was not only getting to see a women naked but also to touch her. Wow mam this is going to be a night that I will remember the whole life. And I was happy that my first time would be with such a lovely lady.
“mam would you please raise up a bit so that I could remover your panty”
I asked her as I could not remove them with her sitting down. So as an obedient teacher she got up. I was knelling down and she got up and faced away from me. I think even she was feeling a bit shy to revel her love triangle to me. So I decided that I would se her naked ass first and then would see her lovely pussy. So I did not stand up but caught hold of the elastic band of her panty and slowly and slowly started to bring it down. I think even her panty was a bit tight for her because as I removed it it was peeling of her sin and I could see that the place where elastic was there, some red marks had been formed due to the pressure. So as I removed hey panty her lovely ass was slowly reveling itself. Her ass was very fair in color just as other parts of her body. And it was really huge. Huge was the only word that could describe it. Some people may call it fat but I would like to call it curvy. And yes she had some hair there. Her legs were completely void of ant hair. I think she did not have any hair there naturally. So soon I removed her panty and it fell to her ankles. She then lifted her one leg and stepped out of it and then bends down. And threw it on the desk. As she bent down I could for the first time see her nakedtits. They were just lovely; not very tight but had a little sag. After all these years gravity had done a little effect on them. But I loved the. I wanted to hold them and give them a tight squeeze. And suck her nipples. Hey guys I just forgot to describe her nipples. She had not very big but medium sized aureoles. And the nipples were the size of about half an inch and stood proudly right in the center of the aureoles. And as she bend down they started to swing with her movement. So now still she was not facing me. She sat down at her place and I went and sat down at my place. Now I she was shying off a bit and was not able to look directly in my eyes.i took advantage of it and looked at her lovely and delicious pussy. I could see it clearly from my position as she had folded her loge. As expected she had some hair there. There not very long but only some hairs of short length. I could make out her outer lips clearly and they were glistening in the light. It meant that she was also excited and was wet. I was satisfied that I was not the only one who was excited.
So she looked towards me and asked
“What sid?”
“Nothing mam, you are very beautiful;”
I said. She again blushed and said
“Thank you Sid, but you are not expected to see me like tis”
“Yes mam, I understand that”
I said. What she meant to say that the things that happen today are meant to be only between us and no one should know about it whatever happens.
And man she was looking like a sex goddess. Sitting right in front of me full naked with her big tittes hanging and her pussy showing itself . I mean could it get any better then this.
“So what are you staring at so much?”
“No mam. This is the first time I am seeing a lady naked”
“Really? Well then it my pleasure that I am your first”
She said and a naughty smile came to her face hearing that she was my first one.
“Hey I am feeling too sleepy, lets go tosleep”
She said.
“Yes mam, and by the way it also very late”
I said. I expected her to at least wear some clothes before going to sleep. But as the day were full surprises so was the night going to be. She just went to the mat and lay on her stomach. Her ass was presented in full light and was looking wonderful there protruding from rest of her body. I wanted to lick her all along her spine till her asshole. I also wanted to smell her ass. I wanted to know if she smelled like shit of like any other scent. But I didn’t know if I could be able to do it.
She looked up at me and said
“Come on Sid, sleep beside me, I hope It wont bother you”
She said
“No mam, not at all”
I said.
“Please switch off the lights”
She said
“Ok mam”
I said and switched off the lights and then went on the mattress and slept a little far from her.
There was some light coming from the ventilators and we could easily see each others face as well body.
“Hey why are you so far, come near we can talk for some time till we sleep”
She said and showed me the empty space between us. I went near till our hands touched.
She held my hand and then begun to talk
“hey I hope you don’t mind me sleeping naked with you”
Suddenly she was talking in a serious tone. The naughtiness in her voice was gone and now she was very serious and was talking in a low tone
“No mam, not at all, after all I have already seen you”
I said. I did not want to use the term naked as she might not like it.
“Yes I thought so”
“So were you telling the truth?”
“When mam?”
I asked
“When you said that you had not seen any lady naked before”
“Yes mam”
I answered
“So what did you feel when you saw me naked?”
“Um mam………………how can I say”
I said. I could not tell her straight that I was excited
“Come on sid,after all this you are feeling shy?”
She said
“Um mam, I actually liked it”
I answered
“Oh really, I thought I was too far to be liked by boys”
She said. Now I knew that she was once again playing with me
“Yes mam, you are way beautiful then any other girl I know”
I said
“Oh that’s very flattering”
She said.
“So what do you like the most about me”
She asked
“Um mam, telling you the truth your whole body is to be worshiped but I like your armpits the most”
I said
“Why do you like them so much?”
She asked
“Well they are not clean shaved like most of women these days”
“Oh do you like hairy armpits?”
She asked
“Yes mam, I just love them”
I answered
“So you want to feel them”
She asked me
“Really mam,will you let me feel them?”
I asked eagerly looking towards her. Now I faced her and I can very well see her tits.even in darkness I could make out her nipples that still stood up straight. That showed that she was also excited.
“Ya Sid, if you want to feel them then you can”
Saying this she raised her arm which was near me and then looked at me
“Thank you mam”
I said and then eagerly started to take my hand near her
“Oh wait Sid; if you want to do it then I have one small request”
“What mam”
I asked. Now I was tired of paying games and just wanted to do what I had always wanted to do
“Um this time you should not touch them with your hands”
She said and then gave me a smile
“Sure mam, I would love to “
I said and then released then she was also just like me. Even she likes to be played with her armpits. I think her husband would have never done that that why she was so desperate.
I brought my face near her armpit and then took a deep breath. Wow man she really smelled terrific. I think at any other time of the day I would have not liked not so much as I liked it now. Sleeping beside her.
I again looked at her and saw that she was constantly looking at me.
I think she wanted to see me lick her nice and feminine armpits. But her bug tits was sloping down a bit and were getting in my way. She also came to know about it and then sexily brought her other hand and cupped her boob and raised it a bit so that now it became easier for me to reach her armpit and also for her to see me doing it.
So without wasting any time further time I brought my mouth near her armpit and licked her whole armpit at one go. Guy’s I am telling you that the feeling and the taste that experienced at that moment I just could not write here. No words could describe the feelings that I was getting at that time.
So I kept licking and licking her armpit and the time seemed to stop. Even she was enjoying herself by watching me lick her armpit. I could make out from the movement of

her hands that she was playing with her boobs, probably pinching her nipples. Now I knew that she needed me badly. After all these foreplay any damm girl with a pussy would need a nice fuck.
“Ok Sid, I think we have played enough games”
“What mam? I can’t understand”
I said trying to be innocent. Actually I wanted to hear from her mouth that she wanted me badly.
“So you want to hear it Sid”
She said looking straight in my eyes. In the mean time I had stopped licking
“Yes mam”
I said
“Ok Sid, I want you to make love to me darling”
She said.
Wow man making love was a nice phrase to use instead of fucking. It sounded gentler and also more civilized.
“Sure mam, it would be my pleasure”
I said.
As soon as I said this she took hold of the elastic of my underwear and removed it completely from me.
“Wow mam, that was quick”
I said surprised.
“Thank you Sid, but there more to see yet”
She said.
I think I do not need to mention that I was already rock hard. I don’t know how long I will be able to hold it but I was determined to hold it longer as I wanted to make my first time as long as possible.
And I think there are very few people who get to loose their virginity with such a sexy lady.
She caught hold of my cock and then moved my foreskin back reveling my head.
The moment she did it I jerked all of a sudden. I mean this was the first some one else was touching my cock beside my self.
She sensed it
“Sorry baby, I know I need to be more careful otherwise you will blow off very soon”
She said.
And she was right
“Yes mam, it’s my first time remember”
I said
“It my privilege to be your first partner Sid”
She said
“no mam pleasure is completely mine”
I said and then looked at her.
She suddenly got up and went down on me. While going down she made sure that our bodies rubbed very well. Her naked body was feeling giving em a very nice feeling. While going down she made made it sure that we had constant eye contact. Her eyes were too sexy to let go the contact. Then she sexy swaying her ass went in between my legs and took holds of my cock.
She then brought her face near to it and then took a deep breadth. Wow man she smelled my cock. She again sniffed like a bloody bitch and then bought out her tongue.
Wow man was she really going to give me a blow job. She licked my head and then took the whole thing in one go all in her mouth.
Wow man her feeling was very erotic. I could feel her breath on my cock and her wet and hot mouth was giving me immense pleasure. This was the best feel I was getting on my cock. Now she started to suck on my cock. I could make out as her cheeks were concaved in side. She was sucking really hard and my already hard dick got some more blood in it. I don’t know how much hard I can get. It seemed that my cock was going to burst right there because of the pressure.
“Sorry mam to disturb you, but if you go on like this then I wont last long”
I said feeling very sad to interrupt her. But I wanted to explore the real hole that I had been waiting for so long.
“Oh sorry baby, I just forgot”
“And beside you thing is really desirable”
She said and then smiled at me.
“Thank you mam”
I said. I really enjoyed calling her mam or teacher. Because it add the taboo thong to it which made it even more erotic. And I think even she enjoyed as she never told me to call her any thing else
“Ok baby, enough of teasing, no now lets get started”
“And by the way let me take control since this is your first time”
Saying this she got up and sat on my stomach. She looked at me and bit her lower lip. She took hold of my hands and guided them to her tits
“Ok so I want you to play with them “
She said. So I started fondling them and pinching her nipples. She closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensation I was giving to her.
In the mean time my cock her touching her ass. I wasted to fuck her badly but now she had everything in her hand. She sat there like this for a few minutes. And then she opened her eyes and looked at me. She raised her hands to show me her armpits. I knew what to do. I took my hands there and started to play with her armpit hair. This really turned me on and then I begged her
“Please mam, can I fuck you”
I said.
“Sure baby”
Saying his she raised her self a bit and took hold of my cock. She went back a little and the when she was directly above my cock, she lowered her self.
As soon as my dick touched her slit, her lips parted open. I could see some moisture there and knew that she was equally excited.
Slowly and slowly she lowered her self and slowly and slowly I entered heaven.
Her soft, velvety, wet and hot pussy was engulfing me. Then when she completely lowered her self she opened her eyes and looked at me.
I looked at her and gave her a wide smile. I waqs trying hard to concentrate on the sensation that I was getting.she leaned forward and brought her boobs near my face. I knew what she wanted . I opened my mouth and tok her fat and lovely nipple in my mouth. It felt very good. I was not using my hand just so that she would be in control.
Now even I wanted to give all the control to her as she was much more experienced in all these things. She was deliberately moving her giant tits so that I could not suck them properly. She was teasing me a lot. But now after all this even I had some experience and knew what to do. I took her left nipple in my mouth and then bite it really hard between my teeth. She was suddenly taken by my act and a small scream came out of her mouth.
“Wow Sid, that hurts”
She said and then again got back in the sitting position.
“mam jaise karni vaisi bharni”
I said again and smiled at her.
I think she understood the meaning and then gave me a playful slap on my chest.
I raised my hands and took both of her tits in my hand. I was not able to get hold of her tits and they were literarily over flowing from my hands. They were not very firm, but she was also not so young. And I think that soft, big floppy type boobs are much better then those small and firm boobs.
At least you have enough material to play with.
I was pinching her nipples and then now she suddenly starts to move up and down on me.
Now I really did not knew how long I would last. Because the sensation that I was getting I was sure that I would not get at any time of life. Because the first times are always specials. She was rocking up and down on me. I caught hold of her ass and started to play with it. She also had very flashy ass. I was kneading it really hard as if I was trying to get a piece of it from her body.
She got even more excited because of the pain and started to dance on me with more speed.
“Slow down mam, this way I will not last long”
I said.
“No problem sid, give it all to me”
She said.
I was happy that she wanted me to empty my stuff right in her.
“Ok mam, as you say”
I said. Now even I wanted to cum and wanted to feel for the first time how unloading in a women feels like.
So I started to move with her rhythm. She bent down and layed on me. She kept working on my cock. Now our bodies were glued to each other. Her warm body felt very good.
I was hugging her very hard as if trying to melt her body in to mine.
She was also now very horny and was moving her ass like a pro.
My hands went down and once again I started to play with her ass.
I searched for her ass hole and then when I found it I poked it with my finger.
A lot of heat was coming from there and as expected it also had some hair there.
I raised he hands and now I again started licking her armpits.
I think I just couldn’t get enough of her hairy armpits.
I think she is the sexiest women for as she has all the hairs and she even knows how they turn me on.
I was licking her armpits with a lot of force.
I wanted to get all the taste in my mouth.
As soon as I started to lick her armpit both of us got very excited,now I knew that I could not control any more so I warned mam about it
“mam, watch out I am gonna cum”
“ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss cum babyyyyyyyyyyy, cum in your teacher”
She said.
I as soon as let go my first spurt I felt some warm liquid come out of her pussy as well. I figured that even she was Cumming with me.
Wow man what better thing to ask for at such a time. We both were Cumming like there no tomorrow.
I must have unloaded the biggest load of my life.
As we finished Cumming we both laid there in each others arms exhausted and ready to go to sleep. I kissed her lips and then we went to sleep with still my cock in her pussy, but only to wake up an hour later and continue our adventures.
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