Tila Tequila Topless Bloody Mess Pictures From The Gathering Of The Juggalos


Here are the topless pictures of Tila Tequila from the "Gathering of the Juggalos" festival over the weekend before and after she was attacked. Yup, Tila Tequila was topless during the attack by the angry mob. Nate "Igor" Smith, the awesome photographer from the Driven by Boredom website shot these concert photos of Tila Tequila topless boobs while she was getting pelted and bruised on stage by ICP fans, less affectionately known as The Juggalos, at their annual summer gathering. The model turned social media-whore turned reality-star turned musician was singing on stage at the music festival in Hardin County, Illinois put together by hip-hop group Insane Clown Poss. After taking her top off in an effort to please the booing crowd, the slut was pelted with bottles and rocks, cutting a nasty gash or two on her face above her eye. One even man try to rush the stage to attack her before being taken down by security. Tila Tequila was then immediately off stage and taken to hospital after being attacked at the not so friendly gig.

Onlookers said Tila was "pretty cut up" after leaving the stage following the attack. She was then pursued by hundreds of people, who shook her trailer and smashed the windows. Writing on her Twitter page later, she said, "The people at Juggalos behaviour was disgusting and I am filing a suit against them now." She added: "Pretty soon the owners who run the Juggalos will be bankrupt. My attorney Alan is already on it. This is disgusting behavior from men." LOL... I guess she though she could control those men and their "disgusting behavior" by flashing her fake boobs. She may not have deserved to be left a bloody mess but she is a complete an utter idiot if she thinks she can tame a violent crowd with a pair of titties!

Now, I love boobies as much as the other guy but I think her attempt to distract anyone away from the fact that she is a talentless singer by flashing her tits is a shameful disgusting behaviour from a woman. I guess she assumed it would make them stop throwing things, and sure enough, for a moment, it seem to have worked by eliciting a cheer. But she also went on to challenge them by yelling "I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck!," and this all made the situation worse. Anyway, if this waste of attention had researched anything about the people behind this event she would have had the common sense not to attend, let alone perform. I could not imagine this ending any other way. She paid the price for her ignorance and ego. By the way, that is not blood flowing from her head. That is pure liquid publicity for the attention whore. Click on pictures to enlarge.

And of course she sold the attention whore result to TMZ:

I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck!

Source: http://www.GutterUncensored.com

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Tila Nguyen (pronounced /tiːˈlɑː ˈnʊjɪn/) (legal name: Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, born October 24, 1981 in Singapore), better known by her stage name Tila Tequila, is an American model, entertainer, and singer residing in West Hollywood, California. She is known for her appearances in Stuff, Maxim, Time, Penthouse, her role as host of the Fuse TV show Pants-Off Dance-Off and her position as the most popular artist on MySpace (according to page views) as of April 2006. She was raised in Houston, Texas. Her MTV show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila premiered on October 9, 2007. www.GutterUncensored.com

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